Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Irish Charity Lab’s mission is to become the national hub for information, data and expertise on digital for Irish charities, to help them to engage more meaningfully in evolving digital channels and realise their full potential.

Our Vision

  • That more effective working through digital will help charities to better support and empower their service users
  • Creating powerful stories through digital will inspire more people to engage with positive social change
  • That charities will be helped to develop more sustainable and independent supporter-based funding models

Our Values

Working for the Sector

The aim of Irish Charity Lab is to provide an uplift to the Irish charity sector. We will share case studies from projects for the benefit of all non-profits.


We work with organisations working on progressive causes, and we publicly support progressive campaigns.


We invite input and feedback from all charity staff, recognising that digital skills and creativity can come from any level in an organisation. Our activities will be driven by our community of charity digital people.


We are committed to keeping costs low so that the various resources provided are affordable to charities of all sizes. We are investigating models of pricing on a sliding scale so that larger charities subsidise the smaller ones. We are also committed to providing free resources such as the monthly newsletter and the online guides.

Testing and Innovation

Irish Charity Lab is built on the social lab model, which uses a diverse group of participants to create a portfolio of solutions, which are tested, refined and tested again. We will constantly measure and review all products and services from Irish Charity Lab.

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