Article: Charities could lose a third of staff if they don’t get a grip on digital skills

Photograph: Ed Uthman/Flickr

  The challenge with getting non-profits to think digitally is getting interest and support from the people at the top.  Are your senior managers and your CEO recognising the importance of digital? This article in the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network site, also from Zoe Amar, contains some good challenging questions about charities and the state […]

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Article & Report: A manifesto for digital change from CharityComms

Last year, CharityComms in the UK surveyed over 300 digital leads from non profits to find out how their organisations are doing with digital transformation.  They found that digital leads are usually the people pushing for digital transformation in their organisations, but that for various reasons the message is not quite getting through. CharityComms recommend […]

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The Charity Digital Toolkit – Online Resource of the Month

Well, this is awesome.  A team of digital experts led by digital non-profit specialist Zoe Amar and David Evans of Skills Platform have written a comprehensive guide to digital for non-profits.  They have taken the eminently useful approach of looking at digital across a range of disciplines, and covering strategy, digital transformation (or ‘leadership’), digital […]

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Article: Why So Many Organisations Fail at Facebook

There’s a great article on the 101Fundraising blog by Norwegian digital specialist Beate Sorum, about why so many organisations are failing at Facebook. She’s right by the way, lots of us are.  We’ve all seen it: charities and causes posting to Facebook every day with unengaging, inward-focused, dry, overlong content that is clearly only connecting […]

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Online Resource of the Month: Thirteen Pro Tips for Email Design from Mailchimp

We ran two email workshops in early April with Irish Charity Lab, because as I’m CONSTANTLY saying, email is still The Best. No other digital channel gets such good engagement, it’s great for building relationships with supporters, and it gives you by far the best opportunity to show your impact and build trust. Mailchimp recently […]

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Booking now open for Digital FundCamp – 29 June 2017

Public fundraising is ever more challenging, with increased competition among charities and reduced public trust in our work. Digital fundraising is the only method showing growth* – but so many Irish charities and campaigns struggle to use it. Come to Digital FundCamp on 29th June and learn how progressive charities and campaigns can run successful, […]

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A Guide to Communicating in a Way that Changes Minds – from Equally Ours

A line I heard at the Fairsay Campaigning Forum this year really resonated with me: (paraphrasing) “we in the NGO sector get annoyed about bad science all the time (such as climate deniers), yet we constantly ignore the science of behavourial psychology.‘  This is so, so true. We’ve learned from Brexit and Trump that repeating […]

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Online Resource of the Month: A quick guide to answering people on social media, from Social for the People

Dealing with feedback on social media can be daunting, particularly if you’re new to a particular social platform, or new to an organisation and not yet fully familiar with its issues. I really like this ‘answering people on social media’ chart from Social for the People; it’s a clear, simple flowchart that lays out steps […]

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The Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s ‘Dementia Care Begins at Home’ Campaign

During the six month ‘Dementia Care Begins at Home’ campaign, over one million people watched a powerful video featuring Kathy Ryan, Vice-Chair of the Irish Dementia Working Group, and her sons Andrew and Matt. Kathy was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 52 and in this video she and her sons highlighted […]

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Campaign Gallery: Focus Ireland thank you letter and note from Allie to regular giver

Two of the wee touches that jump out at me with this one are the heavily branded and very colourful envelope and the letter from Allies on the inside. Both reinforce a core message that your donation is helping specific people, young people at that, and even if you don’t open the envelope you’re still […]

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