RENAME! Irish Charity Lab is now Digital Charity Lab

For a while, I’ve been thinking about changing the name of Irish Charity Lab to Digital Charity Lab.  And now I’ve done it.  Just two reasons, really: With the name Digital Charity Lab, our project more clearly does what it says on the tin Our resources are, more and more, being used outside Ireland, and […]

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Updated for 2018: 5 Minute Guide to Digital Training

I’ve completely overhauled our 5 Minute Guide to Digital Training – updating it with some of the new resources that are available to help you in your work, including some of the most active and helpful online communities of practice. I’d really like to get your input into this – what learning events, online groups […]

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Free Download: Fix Your Google Grant Adwords Account

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for help with the new rules for Google Grant Adwords accounts – lots of organisations are struggling to get their accounts to meet the stringent new criteria, and are worried they’re going to lose their Grants. So I’ve put together this short checklist and cheat sheet. It runs […]

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Guest Article: Taking online fundraising to the next level, by Evelyn Wolf

by Evelyn Wolf, of Online fundraising is a tough job these days. Not only is it becoming harder to engage with donors but fundraisers and marketers are drowned by a multitude of tools and channels. To be present on all channels is an impossibility even for larger teams. So how can we effectively fundraise […]

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Top Tips for Facebook Live

  Facebook have implemented a new regime which means that content from brands, businesses and organisations will be suppressed and not appear in the main News Feed.  In the announcement of these changes, Facebook said that content that invites community discussion and interaction will be favoured, and that includes Facebook Live video.  Facebook Live can […]

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Big Changes to Google Grants – Some Good, Some Scary!

They’re all at it – after the new features for non-profits at Facebook last week, now Google have announced some significant new rules for their Ad Grant accounts. Details here: Phil McMinn of Torchbox* summarised the changes on the ECF list: All Google Ad Grants accounts must maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR) each month. The […]

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December 14, 2017 | Posted in: Digital Marketing 101 | Online Advertising | 4 Comments

Big news from Facebook – new fundraising features for non-profits

Some major news for non-profits from Facebook – they’re expanding their Facebook Fundraising function to a wider range of countries (including Ireland), and are giving 100% of donations raised directly to the benefiting charities: Facebook are apparently processing a huge backlog of applications from charities to receive funds on this platform; only a small number […]

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Take our 2017 survey & win free workshop tickets

It’s that time of year when I’m thinking about the impact of our work in 2017 and doing some 2018 planning – and I’d really like your input on both!  I know it’s a busy time, so I’m offering some sweeteners: answer a couple of questions about what you’d like to learn in 2018, and […]

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New Free Guide – How to Create an Effective Non Profit Email

We have a brand new free guide here on the Digital Charity Lab website – check out this downloadable and printable PDF, which provides a visual guide on how to set up the layout and copy for an effective, action-focused, email mailshot. Get the PDF Guide It’s nice to share: Related Posts from Digital Charity […]

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Articles: Facebook’s Explore Feed & Its Worrying Effect on Organic Reach

You’ve probably heard that Facebook are testing a new ‘Explore’ feed, which they are positioning as a way to “surface recommended content it thinks you might find interesting, including posts, articles, photos and videos from sources you haven’t followed yet – like Facebook Pages and other posts from publishers or news organizations.” But Facebook are […]

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