Article of the Month: Activists, not Parrots – by Contentious

I’ve been doing some research and reading on effective behaviour change campaigns recently, and something that so many successful campaigns of this kind have in common is – they let their supporters adapt and spread their message. This may sound like a no-brainer, but in reality loads of causes are still broadcasting their message rather […]

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Article: Demographics are Garbage

I like this provocative ‘Demographics are garbage’ piece from Kevin Shulman of Donor Voice, which was inspired by Netflix releasing their data-driven discovery that “geography, age and gender are garbage for predicting taste.” Shulman applies this to the charity sector, highlights our unfortunate tendency to do inch-deep A/B split tests, and asks how can we […]

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Article of the Month: Say No to Giant Cheque Photos

Giant cheque photos are the bane of charity communications. They always look the same and are completely unengaging. Every time I see four people in suits grinning fixedly on a charity’s social media feed, I think what a wasted opportunity it is. This excellent ‘Say no to giant cheque pictures’ article from blogger and consultant […]

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The Most Useful Animated Gifs I’ve Ever Seen – from Dark Horse Analytics

I’m torn between being incredibly impressed at this series of content guides from information designers Dark Horse Analytics, and furious that I didn’t think of them myself. It’s a series on their blog called ‘Remove to Improve’, which provides some solid, easy-to-follow design advice on how to make your data look more attractive and easier […]

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Last few discounted tickets for our Masterclass in Online Campaigning

Book quick to get one of the last discounted tickets for our Masterclass in Online Campaigning! When: 12 September 2017 Where: Carmelite Community Centre, Dublin 2 Cost: €99 – €299 for non-profits, with limited discounted tickets remaining Learn strategy, tactics and best practice for successful online campaigns with leading international expert Duane Raymond. More Info […]

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Why I love the ECF conference & mailing list

You know that thing where you talk about one particular thing quite a lot to many different people, and you gradually get very sick of hearing yourself repeat yourself? This has happened to me in regard to the very wonderful Ecampaigning Forum conference that takes place each year in Oxford, and also the associated mailing […]

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Digital FundCamp 2017 – Open Space Sessions

At our Digital FundCamp event on 29th June, we held ‘Open Space’ sessions, which are discussion sessions where the attendees set the topics.  I heart Open Space; it’s a brilliant format that encourages people to collaborate and share, and ensures a rich and useful agenda.  These are the notes from the Open Space sessions at […]

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New Resource: Template for Crafting a Supporter Welcome Journey

Irish Charity Lab Toolkit

Together with our friends at Care2 we have produced this template that will help you to brainstorm and plan a welcome journey for your email subscribers. It’s an A3 sheet that you can print out and use to work with your team to map out your supporter journey.  The sheet will help you to query […]

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Glyn Thomas: I signed up for 100 different charity email lists and this is what happened..

Irish Charity Lab expert panel member Glyn Thomas did an interesting experiment earlier this year where he signed jup for 100 different charity mailing lists, to test out 1) how easy or difficult it was to sign up, 2) the deliverability of the emails, and 3) what kind of content the charities actually sent him. […]

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GalaBid & Digital FundCamp

We’re delighted that GalaBid are joining our Digital FundCamp event as sponsors. GalaBid is CrowdComms’ fundraising software: it facilitates bidding, donations, purchases, payment for and management of all fundraising activities before and during live fundraising events, galas, golf days etc. GalaBid’s first auction was in Australia in 2011 and they expanded to Ireland in the […]

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